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dr Carl Humphries



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I am currently employed as adiunkt at the Institute of Philosophy at Ignatianum Jesuit University in Krakow (Akademia Ignatianum w Krakowie). My research interests include social, ethical and political philosophy, the later Wittgenstein, Herman Schmalenbach, some aspects of contemporary analytical metaphysics (together with related issues in the philosophy of language and action), and the philosophy of music and of human culture generally. I also have a specific interest in an issue which cuts across the distinctions between the above areas: namely, the role of temporal standpoint-dependence (tense and temporal deixis, historicality and historical situatedness, etc.) in human affairs. I earned a PhD in philosophy from Southampton University in 2006 for a dissertation in philosophical aesthetics, entitled Musical Expression and Performance. Prior to that I worked professionally as a pianist and piano teacher, and have published three handbooks on performer-centred approaches to learning the piano. My current research project is a book entitled Modernity and Social Grounding: Ontologicality, Historicality and Temporal Standpoint-Dependence in Social Philosophy after Wittgenstein.





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