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Philosophical Aspects of Origin


Filozoficzne Aspekty Genezy 2016, t. 13
Philosophical Aspects of Origin 2016, vol. 13

Mike Sutton

Darwin’s Greatest Secret Exposed: Response to Grzegorz Malec’s De Facto Fact Denying Review of My Book



Grzegorz Malec’s “There Is No Darwin’s Greatest Secret”, a review of my book Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret, takes one extremely minor finding from my book and, despite his best efforts, manages to disconfirm just one of thirty examples of that minor finding. He then takes that one disconfirmed mere minor example and presents it as evidence that he has disconfirmed all the original major findings in my book. By so doing, his deceptive review goes far beyond the counter-academic deviance of mere cherry picking, it is more a case of gross misrepresentation to the point of de facto fact denial amounting to historic revisionist behaviour.

Keywords: Darwin, Matthew, misrepresentation, bias, fact denial, historic revisionism.

Published on webpage: 28 June 2016.

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