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Philosophical Aspects of Origin



Piotr Bylica

Naturalistic Theism on General Divine Action within the Framework of the Levels of Analysis Model (2016)


Przedruk z: Studia Philosophiae Christianae 2016, r. LII, nr 4, s. 7-37.


The model of levels of analysis (MLA) is used to describe naturalistic theism and compare statements describing divine action accepted within traditional Christian theism and naturalistic theism. The empirical/non-empirical character of the statements is the main criterion behind the division of the statements within the model. Naturalistic theism is divided into strong and weak, with the former being analyzed in more detail. Strong naturalistic theism is characterized as trying to avoid the conflict with science by only accepting statements describing general divine action in nature. Such statements belong to the metaphysical levels of analysis.

Słowa kluczowe: divine action, theism, naturalism, levels of analysis, Christianity.

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