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Philosophical Aspects of Origin



Piotr Bylica

Naturalistic Theism on Special Divine Action Within the Framework of the Model of the Levels of Analysis (2017)


Przedruk z: Studia Philosophiae Christianae 2017, r. LIII, nr 1, s. 5-33.


The model of the levels of analysis (MLA) is used to present a form of naturalistic theism where certain statements on special divine action (SDA) in nature are accepted. The SDA statements found within naturalistic theism ‘hide’ God’s action in certain aspects of nature or actions beyond the reach of scientific endeavors in order to avoid interventionism. From the perspective of the MLA, the essence of intervention is its empirical recognizability, rather than a particular causal joint or the violation of the laws of nature. Rejection of interventions in the above sense means substantial reinterpretation of Christian theism.

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